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Nicolas is very unhappy.

I'm not at one with you in some respects.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.


We estimate the damage at one thousand dollars.

The train got in on time.

It's pretty warm today.


Marnix could have survived if the ambulance had arrived a little sooner.


I think you'll change your mind.

The launch, which had been scheduled for this morning, was postponed because of the illness of shuttle Commander John Creighton.

The store is open from nine to six.

They were clearing the snow from the sidewalk with a shovel.

I don't see anything wrong with your plan.

The prolonged drought did severe damage to crops.

I have to go to hospital.

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It's dark, so watch your step.


Eritrea is called "Erta" in Tigrinya.

They open the door.

Do you have any baggage, sir?


I need to have a word with you in my office.

I've got to try to catch them.

Be quiet!

Belgium is not so large as France.

Be sure and call me tonight.

Here's a picture of my daughter.

Valentin told his son to behave himself.

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If you don't stop, I'll tell Dad!

Everybody was listening intently to Mahesh's speech.

He wants to marry me.

Leave a space between the lines.

I think it important to tell the truth.

I know that German with a long beard.

I hope that incident won't cause you any grief when you try to leave the country.

We learned how to read French in school, but didn't really learn how to speak it.

They were supposed to have gotten married in May, but they didn't.

We grind wheat into flour.

Meeks realized Alexander was waiting for him.

You've already given me enough money.

Anton is going to go along with you.

Do you want me to stop?

You promised you wouldn't tell.

Thank you so much for coming by.

I think I found what you're looking for.


This shirt doesn't fit anymore.

Are you really not going?

Torsten can't afford to eat at that kind of restaurant so let's go somewhere else.

The box doesn't match the contents.

But why is it all so secret?

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Write with a ballpoint pen.

I have confidence in Beth.

I don't walk like that.


Tiefenthal doesn't know who baked the cake.

Have you gotten in touch with Paul?

A secret policy document was leaked to the newspapers.

I can rip you apart with my bare hands.

I hate myself for hating her.

Here comes our teacher, Robert Brown.

The ray of reason must expand again.

It's the perfect weekend music!

What time is it now?

How is your dad?

You can't give up on them.


Get lost, stupid jerk!

You had better cut down your living expenses.

Do you really have free tickets for the concert?

At first blush, Ken's suggestion seemed feasible.

He blackmailed me.


The father of this president was also a president.

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It was Elric who told Julius.

We've been doing some gardening.

Let's forget the past and talk about the future.

Can I bother you for something?

The Germans have won again.

Some of them seem to be too difficult.

I beg your pardon. I didn't quite catch your name.

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An elephant is a strong animal.

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Let's go out the back door.

If she's not careful she'll tear a ligament doing that.

I couldn't figure out where on earth he was heading for.

Don't you see what it means?

It may rain any minute.


I like that twisted look on his face.

That was ideal.

Can you come and get me?

That was a stupid thing for Barrio to do.

The color of that tie does not match the suit.

I'm fed up with Cecilia's silly antics.

The helicopter is at a hover.

And thus fades the glory of the world.

I thought I was never going to see Jim again.


They carried him to a nearby house.

Guillermo wanted to get as far away from Barry as he could.

That bicycle is mine.

When exactly did you see them?

Elisabeth learnt how to kill vampires.

Have there been consequences?

Sumitro felt hungry.

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Gerald is an early riser.

I thought Vicky had already gone home.

Who said anything about quitting?


We were ambushed.

The demand for rice in Japan is considerable.

I did everything I could to help Terri find a job.

Duke is in his car.

Men don't cry.

You don't understand what Griff's trying to say.

Who really knows?


I knew where to search.

Kay is very outgoing, isn't he?

We'll talk about that over supper.

To tell the truth, I used to smoke two packs a day.

I don't know your real name.

I'm a little busy now.

It's raining, but we'll go anyway.

See what you can come up with.

Manavendra told me he was working.

Dalton won't ask you to work late.

I willingly have done whate'er I could.

Starting a fight with Suu wasn't such a good idea.

Can I pay you with a personal check?

After the concert, the crowd made for the nearest door.

Bathe the baby, won't you?


What can't you do?

When did you open your new shop?

I came to Boston three years ago and I've been living here ever since.

It takes time to speak a foreign language well.

Life is full of adventure.

I was drawing myself a bath and getting ready to relax when there was a knock on the door.

I am indifferent to flattery.

Why are you angry at me?

I'm at Those's apartment.

Muscle tissue consists of innumerable cells.

I wasn't told a thing about it.

Bob felt embarrassed when he was treated in front of some girls.

I haven't been well.

I'm dead set against the plan.

I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

We didn't really have that much to drink.

I'm really looking forward to playing tennis with Clem.

A fanatic threw a bomb at the king's coach.

I know what she did.

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Did Hughes grow up in Boston?


I call out in a loud voice but there is no reply.

All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

That is a blue house.

Tobias spoke with me about you.

Masanao can hear you.

Revised knows how to cook.

I'd be crazy to do that.

I love you the way you are.

I can't tell you how sad I am about all this.

You should throw those away.

My homework remains to be done.


A mine is where you find precious minerals.

The prices are going up higher and higher.

There was no one about.

How old was Laurence then?

It took me almost three hours to finish my math homework.


I think that Misty has different feelings towards insects.

Teruyuki has been known for stealing pens.

I want you to lie still for a few hours.

She scolded him for not doing his homework.

There's a bank on the corner.

You can't ignore him.

If you piss on the toilet seat, wipe it off!

Before they even began deliberations, many of the jury members had reached a verdict.

Are you trying to get me drunk?

Dorian deserves a pat on the back.

Ramneek is a stranger here.

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Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to move forward despite the fear.


What time should I wake you up?

Now it's personal.

Steve hasn't shown up here yet.